Title: ESDC and Research
by: Georgică Panfil , Dirk Dubois
DOI: 455444.677/67565

The course is evaluated according to the Kirkpatrick model: it makes use of level 1 evaluation (based on participant’s satisfaction with the course) and level 3 evaluation (assessment of participants’ long-term change in behaviour, after six month after end of course). An evaluation feed-back is given on the level 1 evaluation on the residential module. In order to complete the course, participants have to accomplish all learning objectives, which are evaluated based on the active contribution in the residential Module, including their engagement to the simulation game’ session and practical activities as well as on their completion of the eLearning phases: course participants finalise the autonomous knowledge units (AKUs) and pass the tests (mandatory), scoring at least 80% in the incorporated out-test/quiz. Active observation by the course director/lead instructor and feedback questionnaire filled by course participants at the end of the course is used. The proposed ECTS are based on participants' workload and take into account the learning outcomes, in the limit of their possible verification through submission of contributions to a peer-reviewed publication after the residential phase.

Keywords: esdc, journal, eeas, europa, eu
Category: Critical infrastructure, personnel and logistics in CSDP
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